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RWDevCon 2016

The Tutorial Conference

March 11th - 12th, 2016 The Westin Alexandria Hotel, VA Sold Out - Join Waiting List

The folks who attended RWDevCon last year loved it!
Here's what they had to say:

The hands-on tutorials were worth their weight in gold. Some of the concepts I spend hours reading about were cleared up in 30 minutes.

The demos and labs have been SO polished. Basically my ideal iOS conference because I came away learning so much!

Better food and more fun than WWDC! Lots left to work on after I go home - really met the goal of providing content to cement the knowledge.

What is RWDevCon?

RWDevCon is a conference focused on high quality programming tutorials. It’s right outside Washington DC, brought to you by the teams at raywenderlich.com and 360iDev. Here’s what makes RWDevCon special:

Learn about iOS development with Swift via high quality hands-on tutorials led by the authors you know and love

Strong interactive focus to help you learn and connect as part of an awesome international community

100% non-profit - every cent will be spent on making it an amazing experience for attendees and speakers!

Featuring the authors from...

And the tutorials you know and love from raywenderlich.com!

The Tracks


Get started hands-on with Swift and foundational APIs.


Dive deep into a guided tour of more advanced topics - including brand new material from WWDC.


Talks to refresh you and leave you with new ideas and motivation.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Jerry Beers

    tvOS Apprentice, Video Tutorial Instructor

  • Owen Brown

    Tutorial Team Member

  • René Cacheaux

    Tutorial Team Member

  • Wayne Carter


  • Eric Cerney

    tvOS Apprentice, watchOS 2 by Tutorials

  • Janie Clayton

    Swift Team Lead, Swift Apprentice, NSBrief

  • Tammy Coron

    2D iOS & tvOS Games by Tutorials, tvOS Apprentice, Video Tutorial Instructor

  • Sam Davies

    Android Team Lead, OS X Team Lead, Video Tutorial Instructor

  • James Dempsey

    James Dempsey and the Breakpoints

  • Aaron Douglas

    Core Data by Tutorials, iOS 9 by Tutorials

  • Alexis Gallagher

    Swift Apprentice

  • Matt Galloway

    Swift Apprentice

  • Joshua Greene

    tvOS Apprentice

  • Greg Heo

    Video Tutorial Instructor

  • Erik Kerber

    Swift Apprentice

  • Kelvin Lau

    tvOS Apprentice

  • Matt Luedke

    Tutorial Team Member

  • Jaimee Newberry

    Advisor + Coach, Swingset Inc.

  • Vincent Ngo

    iOS 8 and 9 by Tutorials

  • Ryan Nystrom

    watchOS 2 by Tutorials, iOS 8 by Tutorials

  • Jeremy Olson

    Founder of Tapity

  • Mic Pringle

    iOS Team Lead, Video Tutorial Instructor, Podcaster

  • Cesare Rocchi

    iOS 5, 6, and 8 by Tutorials

  • Derek Selander

    iOS 9 by Tutorials

  • Ellen Shapiro

    Tutorial Team Member

  • Audrey Tam

    watchOS 2 by Tutorials, Swift Apprentice

  • Rich Turton

    iOS Animations by Tutorials, iOS 9 by Tutorials, Core Data by Tutorials

  • Ken Yarmosh

    Founder of Savvy Apps

  • Ray Wenderlich


  • Vicki Wenderlich


  • Jack Wu

    watchOS 2 by Tutorials, iOS 8 by Tutorials

Tech Editors

  • Adrian Strahan

    Tech Editor - Beginning Track

  • Scott Berrevoets

    Tech Editor - Intermediate Track

  • Jawwad Ahmad

    Tech Editor - Advanced Track

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Ray Wenderlich

The Venue

The Westin Alexandria

400 Courthouse Square,
VA 22314

$179 rate until block full
Room Block Limited; Reserve Now